Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Repair: Storm Window

Changing of the seasons means going back and fixing your mistakes.  Like trying to use brute force to remove the storm window from our bedroom.  Because our windows are original, they have glass storm windows that every spring need to be taken down to put up the screens.  And because they are very old some of the glazing putty (that holds the glass in the frame) is dryed out and falling out.  So when I slammed the bottom of the frame with my fist to dislodge it from the window, the glass twisted along the one side that was still secure in the frame and shattered.
In both panes.
This is the frame, old putty and glazing tacks removed, with some of the paint cleaned up.  I'm following some instructions from Ace Hardware.  Hint, if you take a look at these instructions, a hairdryer works well if you (are normal DIYer) don't have a heat gun.

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