Friday, January 25, 2013

Cleaned and Decorated!

I'm making serious progress with my organizing goals.  I'll have the kitchen progress up soon, we've made serious progress in the living room and babysteps in the office.  The dining room is done.  To remind you this is what I was starting with.
 Christmas decorations still up, leaf still in the table (from Thanksgiving) table littered with presents and present wrapping supplies, and the sideboard an over-flow for the table. After putting decorations and presents away, all that was left was the table, I took the leaf out, spread a clean table cloth, vacuumed and dusted.  It looked very empty.  So I found my little box of Valentine's Day supplies and spread them around, it took all of ten minutes but gives the room a bit of character.
I swapped our stainless steal cocktail shaker for the red-wrapped one, ornaments in the vase for Valentine's garland with silver hearts and ornaments around the candle for more candles.  The red bow was left-over from Christmas. The red garland also went around the candles on the table centerpiece.
It makes such a big difference to have clean, organized spaces in our home; it energizes me to do some projects around the house now that I don't feel like we live in a pit!

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