Friday, January 11, 2013

Goals for the Year

I've been participating in the 31 days to Better Health and Wellness over at Modern Alternative Mama (this name is a little deceiving it's not all about being a mom) and step one was goal setting.  Hmmmm goals for the year.  This one was a bit tough.  I wanted to be specific, no broad BS goals for me so here we go:
Purge and Tame the Mess: We have too much stuff, there is no reason to have a stack of Cooking Light from 2009 taking up valuable real estate on the bookcase when I can find the recipe faster on my iPhone.  Purging will free up space to put things AWAY. AWAY was such a pet peeve when we lived with other people but now that it's just us, things are never AWAY. Case in point; left to right, top then bottom: kitchen table, office, dinning room table, one of the couches.
Blog Weekly: I need to set realistic blogging goals, not sure how some ladies out there work full time and blog full time. Not me.  I'd like to post once a week, more than that is gravy.
Health and Wellness: We got married and went on a bender; enjoying life, not watching what we were eating and eating out to much = drinking more = I've gained 10 pounds since our wedding in May.  Go food shopping weekly, plan meals, eat at home and stop having a beer or glass of wine with dinner every night.  Maybe go to the gym. Maybe walk the dog. Maybe do Wii Yoga in the morning.

Hopefully striving for these goals will enable us to have more energy and get more done around here. Wish me luck!

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