Monday, January 14, 2013

First Week Goals

I'm checking in to tonight to update you on the progress of my 2013 goals.
Purge and Tame the Mess: I've been working on a better organization system for the kitchen table all week. It's a dumping zone by our back door and if things are going to live there they need a place to be AWAY. I will give them one. I also picked up a planner for this year and found surface area on both the kitchen and coffee tables.
Blog Weekly: Hey look it's a new week and a post!
Health and Wellness: Last night we stayed home to watch he game, this is a big step. I made nachos and hot wings. We spent a quarter of what we would have at the pub, ate a quarter the nachos made with less (and 2%) cheese, the wings were grilled not fried and we did that in our PJ's. I also re-implemented breakfast and lunch; multigrain waffle peanut butter sandwich, roast beef or buffalo chicken sandwich with pirates booty and water for Bruce and special K breakfast flatbread, hummus carrot cucumber with cottage cheese for me. Full disclosure: we went to a happy hour Friday night and picked up two large pizzas on the way home, which we ate as leftovers Saturday and Sunday; also lunch was 4 out of 5 days.

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