Friday, January 18, 2013

What if AWAY doesn't exist?

Our kitchen has a weird layout, which makes it a weird space complete with a weird, door-filled hallway.
  Now, one might think there is plenty of cabinet space and for your average domestic goddess it might be.  But not for one that has a love for kitchen gadgets.  Avocado slicer, got it. Corn stripper (here we are referring to a small device that removes cooked corn from the cob not dancers in the Mid-West), got it. Every attachment for a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer, not quite but I'm pretty damn close.  You get my point, lots of kitchen stuff and things weren't always getting AWAY because AWAY didn't exist or was to hard to get to.  This is compounded by the size of our cabinets, the shelves aren't adjustable and they aren't deep enough. Something had to give.  So we started a pantry downstairs, which helped get every attachment known to the cooking gods (but the grain mill) into the cabinets and off the dining room floor. But then the newly acquired ceramic non-stick weren't playing nice in the pot cabinet and one didn't fit at all.  So I started hanging it over the pizza peel which as you can see is on our weird hallway to the office.  
Then we got a massive carving board for Christmas which need a home also. I decided that weird hallway wall was a great place to hang them.  
Bruuuuuuuuuuce can we hang more stuff on the wall? 
Yea babe just tell me where to hang them.  
Fast forward eight weeks.  While making dinner this week I was planning.  First I tried to eyeball it. No dice.  So ala YHL I cut the shapes out of paper and stuck them on the wall until I found an arrangement I liked, then said ok put the hooks there. 
And he did. Now the ceramic non-stick plays nice, beautiful wood looks beautiful.  Most importantly we used dead wall space and things are AWAY.

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