Tuesday, November 13, 2012

April 2012

Stuffing wedding invitations, Ron left Arbor Mist so we drank it from the bottle while stuffing invites, invites ready for the mail-man, essie tropical collection for the honeymoon, hair dresser secured with an updo for the flower girl, center piece vase selected, "no it is too nice I will not come in", Easter baskets even though we didn't make it home, Star Wars pancakes thanks to the Easter Bunny, collecting more milk glass, asparagus makes an appearance, Bruce washed the car, then sprayed me, first of many asparagus harvested, bridal shower outfit, Kenny and Bruce amist the bridal shower gifts, shaving Kenny's paws aka Sexy Feet, Kenny Sexy Feet Gets a bath, breaking in wedding shoes, May will be busy so I should paint my nails.

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