Sunday, November 18, 2012

September 2012

I really got back to working in September, not one early day or day off, I might have even put in some weekend time.
Go to Jack'N'Jill party see cutest husky puppy ever contemplate stealing, feel like death call out of work stay home with Kenny, sneak away weekend at the Pond to cold for swimming (human) or skiing, haul ass to get home from the Pond for Patriots season opener to find it's not on TV in CT commence Sunday Funday at the closest bar, dog-sit Sophie for two weeks, slice right thumb open with 8" boning knife across the knuckle requires four stitches and a splint, looking a little better, looking better, Sophie requires much snuggling but still wakes at 5am snuggling helps negate bitterness on the human end we are not 5am people.

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