Saturday, November 17, 2012

August 2012

We didn't think we'd get to "vacation" at the Pond this year. For me at work May started with a conference, then days off for wedding planning, a little work, then 2+ weeks off for the wedding and honey-moon, then planning and running a workshop, and getting experiments up and running.  By the time August rolled around I had some serious work to do at work with only weekends for the Ponds.  Then my grandfather passed away unexpectedly and whether or not I wanted to my brain was not working at work.  I took two vacation days plus the three days of bereavement time and Kenny and went home.  My parents and I (and most of the time Bruce) ate, drank, re-grouped and remembered.  At the Pond, because if you can that is the place to do those things. And because you are never alone at the Pond we did it with family, which, really, is the best way to do it.  Moral of the story for August: we spent more time at the Pond then we though we'd be able to and it was awesome.

Left work early but later than intended and hauling to Camp Holy Cross Goshen MA for, Barry Kingston and the Screaming Souls live in concert wild horses couldn't drag me away, garden harvest, Christine and Kennay heading to the Pond weekend #1, welcome home, view from bed weekend #1, Kenny's view from bed tired dogs will sleep anywhere, early AM skiing aka August church, parents to be getting some rest, mom post sauce explosion, Kenny getting cozy with Nana, view from the deck, bon-fire on the beach, 5 quarts of diced tomatoes for salsa, Kenny likes raw corn, sunset after the rain, dog dockside, bomb threat at work, rides in the vette, boys on the dock.

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