Friday, November 16, 2012

July 2012

These days we find ourselves asking "what happend to July" doesn't really look like much, we worked on cars, with the breaks going in the Audi and zee Passat (got flooded in May and June and tried to die) needing resuscitation  that seems to be all that happened on the weekends around here.  Although we also replaced our well pump and did the plumbing twice just to be sure.  And if it wasn't one of our cars in the garage don't worry Tim was here to fill it.  It's nice to have company even if it's because apartments in Brooklyn usually don't have garage space.
4th of July farm share basket first corn!, it's not summer without margaritas, first pepper, onion harvest, and then I though about making root-beer but I didn't, zee Passat no drivers seat waiting for the water to go away, first bon-fire of the season, going for a ride to go swimming, summer pizza fresh tomatoes fresh motz., my girl Lexie got married with this view, we played washers, and danced the night away, muffins with farmshare blueberries, dying my day-before-the-wedding-dress, replacing the pump, watching the opening ceremonies instead of driving to MA because the pump plumbing is being re-done.

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