Friday, November 9, 2012

Getting Back on the Horse

The blogging horse, hopefully.

Now that we're married and honeymooned and summer vacationed (yes I am aware it's November) it's time for the bender to end and get back to being responsible adults and homeowners.

Leme (also known as "let me") catch you up.

What have we done . . . got married, went to Jamaica, Kenny had another knee surgery, spent July working on cars, August we were at the Pond and I finally bought a DSLR, September we were (thinking, thinking) catching up on life and at the Pond, October there was a wedding, I worked some weekends and there was a hurricane. And now it's November and we've already had a Nor'Easter.  TaDa!

I cannot believe that it is almost Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years (am I getting ahead of myself?)

Everytime we're working on something house related I hear "where's your camera aren't you going to blog this?" Working on it sweetums working on it.  So look for some posts, wedding photos and thoughts on life.  Coming to a blog near you (this blog, hopefully, soon).

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