Monday, November 12, 2012

March 2012

I will apologize in advance for the massive photo dump today and the next five days will be.  Each day represents a month during our blogging hiatus, with one collage of iPhone photos with a run-on sentence to describe what happened through the "lens" of my iPhone. So here goes March, for this month and all that follow the run on sentence starts from the top-left photo and proceeds left to right, top to bottom.
Kickin' my feet up at work wishing I was outside on a nice friday, collecting milk glass, dancing dress one size to big, mom collected milk glass too with some help, zee passat hit 190,000 miles, it was foggy in the AM, indecisive about wedding shoes, a planner exploding with too much to do, Kenny follow up X-rays, Shipping up to Boston, with whiskey sour when I got there, bed troll aka Sophie keeping me company at mom and dads during wedding planning.

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