Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Pretty self explanatory.  I finally have some pantry space. YaY!!!!!  It took me a dozen trips over the stairs but now I will have room to get all my wedding gift kitchen equipment OUT of the dinning room and attic and into the kitchen.  This meant getting all my summer canned produce goodness OUT of the kitchen cabinets because it was taking up far to much real-estate.
It is in the basement, part of a larger basement renovation project which I hope to reveal the first section of soon. The bookcase was already in the basement; yes, there is some discoloration on the bottom from moisture.  I think this bookcase was built in our basement and it is made of solid wood.  So the little bit of discoloration is just that, not buckled disgustingness that happens with particle board. We unloaded it, moving all the painting supplies and electrical supplies to their appropriate places, moved it to the "finished" section of the basement, cleaned it and re-loaded it.  And when I say we I mean Bruce did everything but the pantry-fying.  He's super, I was doing turkey day prep and cooking.

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