Friday, March 1, 2013

Closet Floor: Located.

My parents are going away next week and borrowing our medium suitcase.  We have a luggage set that lives like a set of nesting dolls in our cedar closet, which is a cozy arrangement until you try to use them and the cedar closet vomits all over the office. Like so.
In preparation for this eventuality, I had purchased a new hanging closet organizer and drawers for it at Ikea. Full disclosure my plan was to assess the cedar closet when we were cleaning the office weeks ago but the blitz clean for the appraisal side-tracked me.
I separated the mess into piles: travel supplies, beach towels, summer clothes, Bruce bathing suites, Christine bathing suites and cover-ups, hats, purses, blankets, Bruce bags, Christine bags and TOSS.  "Bags" think backpacks and duffle bags.
Then I loaded up the new organizer, complete with an empty drawer; re-folded everything and loaded up the shelf; all of Bruce's bags went into his snowboarding bag and all of mine went into my largest duffle, duffle stacked onto snowboarding bag on the closet floor. Done.
It is wonderful, don't you love a good Before and After?  It makes me want to put things away and I made a point to show Bruce where everything now lives.  This way he can find things when he is packing and put them away when he's unpacking (he's so much better at unpacking than I am, when I packed for last weekend I had to unpack things from Christmas travel!!!!)  Now, which closet to take remaining summer clothes out of bedroom or cedar ? ? ? 

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