Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Recipe: Ginger Tea

Like I mentioned last week, I've gotten into the habit of having tea every night before bed.  Now, I don't particularly remember where I read this, but, ginger is supposedly very good for your liver.  There are also many other health benefits that you can check out here and here (I liked this one because it was funny and the headline was ME) or by all means google around yourself.  I usually brew up a big batch Monday night and store it in a mason jar in the fridge, microwaving when I want some.  I can tell you that I sleep SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Recipe: 4-5 cups

1 Quart Boiling Water
~2 inches of Ginger Root sliced thin

  • Slice ginger.
  • Steep for minimum of twenty minutes, I let mine go over night. 
  • Enjoy with swanky honey, but maple syrup might be fun too.  Play around with your steeping time and how much ginger you use, start slow it can get spicy!  If you don't have fancy steeping apparatus either strain or wait until cool and pick the slices out with your fingers.

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