Friday, March 8, 2013

My Favorite Apps

I've had my iPhone for a solid year now and out of my 106 (hangs head in shame) apps, these are my go-to apps.
1-4: Facebook, Instagram, WeatherChannel and Twitter After my email the first things I check in the morning.
5: Audible Audio books.  I have a $15 per month membership = one audiobook monthly, I do a lot of independant projects at work and this is a life saver.
6: Pandora Internet radio, also a life saver and great for dancing in the kitchen.
7: NPR We use this to stream the BBC every night as we're going to bed and in the car on long drives.
8: Tap Paradise Cove I'm totally addicted to this game, I think I'm on level 25
9: HomeRoutine This is a household chores check list with AM, PM, daily and weekly lists; it also gives you a focus zone every week for deep cleaning areas of the house.  It has been so helpful reminding me to switch the laundry and prep dinner.
10: BodyBot "Personalized" workout routines, I like check-off lists and it is cheaper and less embarrassing than a trainer.
11: GroceryGadget A checkoff shopping list.
12: GasCubby Keeps track of MPG's and how much you are paying for gas.  Great for new SUV owner!
13: Blogger Good for writing posts on the go, also helpful for uploading iPhone photos.
14: TV Guide Easier than the guide on our TV, also the search function works amazingly
15: PicStitch Quick and easy photo collages
16: Bank of America Do I have enough for this super cute thing from Target?

These keep me entertained and organized and if you don't have them you should!

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