Monday, March 11, 2013

Thoughts of Spring

Around the end of January I got a little excited about ordering supplies for seed starting. As you can see a litte ment eighty five dollars and a shopping cart so big that I had to take two screen shots to show everything.
Fast forward to two weeks ago.  Time to start the peppers. Gather your supplies
Label the tray! This helps you remember what is what and where things are planted.
Plant your seeds as directed.  This year I picked Go Green seed starting kits and instead of the plastic dome cover it came with a plastic wrap~ish cover.
Next realize that the basement should be declared a disaster area and that the spot that your grow table was set up last year is full of crap and in the dead center of the basement. 
"Interview" Prospective areas for the grow table
Tidy your chosen spot.

Then; Setup your table, hang your light, dig through Christmas boxes to find a light timer, string an extension cord through the rafter supports, plug in timer, plug in grow light, set timer and put your seedlings under the light.
Realize that this year it is sixty degrees in the basement this year because the heating pipes have been insulated. Freak out because this is to cold for seedlings to grow and order a heat mat, get your head back right before you pay way extra for rush shipping.
The heating mat arrived at the beginning of last week and by the weekend I was doing the happy dance because everything had sprouted! 

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