Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's Been A While

And I should 100% be doing other things, cleaning the house, getting ready to go to a baby shower or making my half of the office not look like this:
You can't even see the desk (or the pile that's on the desk).  Sorry for the blurry photo, things are a little blurry for me in the morning.

I have some cool things to share.  I'm ALL over Pinterest and have pinned approximately 1 million things to DIY.

I still really want a Cricut.  I was hoping for one for my birthday. Nope.  However in place of an expensive crafty gift I got an inexpensive awesome gift AND the assurance there is a honeymoon fund. He's the best.

Being a Domestic Goddess and having a job is like having two full time jobs and I'm not really sure how blogging fits in that picture these days.  BUT I've started taking pictures again and am wrapping my mind around blogging again.  Considering we're almost a year into employment I should have this routine worked out by now.

UPDATE: I have found the top of my desk.  Also I've put away four pairs of shoes from the pile.  Progress.

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