Thursday, October 6, 2011

What have YOU been up to???

When I sat down to look through the photos on my camera, I had to take a minute to think about what have we been doing since February?

There is nada from March until September.  So I went to my calendar.  We were away for Easter, then I was at Duke for work, then I was in San Francisco for work, we went to Bruce's parent and he ran a crazy trail race, we went to my parents for a baby shower (and to meet my Dad's new dog), then we went to Georgia for a weekend, we went home for my younger cousin's high school graduation, we did Fourth of July with our college friends (on the 3rd), .
Start of the Seven Sisters Trail Race Bruce's brother Tim finished sixth and Bruce did the race in 3:23.

That Georgia weekend was awesome I helped host a baby shower for my bestest/matron of honor and did some dress shopping.
Kenny Puppy and I made a few trips to Massachusetts, for my Dad's Birthday, my friend Brad was in town for a weekend so I hung out with high school friends for a night, we did Father's Day with Bruce's family at our house, Kenny and I did the actual Fourth at The Pond with the July cousins, then we were back at the end of July for a family reunion.  
August I was back and forth from The Pond, I water-skied, which was awesome. We took a week vacation at the pond.  And did NOTHING, that's not really true we hung out with my family, ate, drank and were merry. And I got addicted to Words with Friends again.

More of the update tomorrow.

I "stole" all these photos from: Stephs' mom, one of my July cousins and cousin Daniel's girlfriend Vanessa.

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