Friday, October 21, 2011

Pot Stickers

I don't remember what inspired me to make pot stickers.  I pinned it, so I must have seen it somewhere. I used this recipe and it was great.  Nothing compared to what we had at the rehearsal dinner last Friday but for my first time they turned out pretty good.
This recipe makes way more than a single meal for us but they freeze great.  As I made them I placed them on a sheet pan, once they were all done I stuck the whole sheet pan in the freezer overnight.
 Once they were frozen I used a room temperature spatula to loosen them and tossed them in a freezer bag.
 The best part is that they go straight from the freezer into the pot and are ready in 15 minutes
I spent around ten dollars and this will yield three meals for us.  It probably took me an hour an a half start to finish to construct them.  But taking into account that it will save me a lot of time after a long day of work it was worth the effort.  I suppose that I could have purchased won-ton wrappers to save some time but the dough was simple to make and pretty much free.

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