Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We just purchased a wood chipper/leaf vacuum.  Bruce had Columbus day off and was planning on breaking it in.  I left the camera and asked him to take a few progress photos.  When I came home I couldn't really tell the difference accept the the wood rack was full, there is just so much brush and lumber on the ground!
This pile was left-over from last fall. Plus three new stumps.  Maybe next year the garden will have enough sunlight.
 This is the pile from Hurricane Irene it's three times as big as last years pile plus there are still some random branches all over the place.
 This is woodrack number two, there is no photo of number one but it's equally as large. Yes that is a pile of trees.  Some of them we've pulled from our neighbors yards who are too old/don't care to deal with half-down trees.  We don't want to look at them so we're doing them as we go.
 Another pile of tree trunks, some already pieced up.
Lumberjack Dog.
Logs to be split.  Bruce splits everything with a maul and wedge.  Look for the "How to Split Wood" tutorial coming soon!

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