Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cabinet Organization

My spice cabinet needed some serious help.  As I have said before our kitchen cabinets are original to the house and the spacing between the shelves leaves a lot to be desired.  In the cabinet where I store all my spices the main problem is that I can't stack jars.  I ordered three door racks from Amazon in hope to remedy the problem.
I used painter's tape to mark the spots for pre-drilling.  I lined them all up on the left side and made sure they were level.  This is the first time I have really hung/installed anything (Bruce was at work) and I wanted to get it right.
Then I inventoried everything and loaded it back in.  Side-note: This cabinet was so bad I had multiples of many things, who needs three jars of cumin?!
So much better! I love that I don't have to take everything out of the cabinet to find one jar.

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