Monday, April 15, 2013

Garden Progress

Here in Connecticut, this spring seems noticeably cooler than last year.  While getting my garden prepped I've used Gardener's Supply Garden Minder app, Burpee's new app and my intuition.  Things have been quietly growing in the basement and Easter weekend I decided that it was time to get things moving outside. 
 As you saw, my garlic came up during the third week of March and my onion seedlings had arrived from Burpee, it was past time to get them in the ground.  I probably should have paid some attention to them because they were a little brown when they went into the ground, but in they went.  I also cleared some of the mulch from around the garlic.  I will go back this week to fertilize (organicly) and re-mulch around the plants, let's face it I am way to lazy to remember to weed and this is the best option.
Top: Onions, Bottom: Garlic
Bruce re-built the pea and bean trellis which was damaged during superstorm Sandy.  This year we added some leftover garden fencing for the plants to climb. I'm not sure why I thought that they were going to just climb around 1x1's last year.  I planted the peas on the corners and in a few week's I'll plant the beans in the middle of each side.
Then I headed inside to get the rest of my seedlings started, I already started pepper seedlings in February.  I usually sketch out where the plants will go in the garden to know how many plants I will need.  Then I plan for one or two of the seedlings to fail, then I plant at least two seeds per well and choose the strongest that comes up.
By this weekend many of the seedlings were out growing their little wells and were ready to be transplanted into something larger.  I picked up some larger peet pots and some seed starting soil and got to work.  
Some of the larger pots are off the heat mat, I may or may not buy another one, I'm going to see how they do.

Even though everything in the larger pots is labeled, I like to re-write my map so that I know where everything is.  
Top is the original, bottom is updated.

A few random notes:
I re-started all the peppers, they were looking pretty sad and I had forgotten where the different varieties were.  If all else fails I'll buy bell and jalepenos and keep the cayenne in a pot so I can pull it into the porch when it starts to freeze at night.
The zuchinni never came up.  Sad but I can pick up a plant when it's time to move everything to the garden.

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