Monday, April 8, 2013

The Little Things

One of the many projects tackled on Good Friday was our bedroom ceiling.  As I've been painting rooms in the house I've also been doing the ceiling.  The previous owners were smokers and a coat of paint goes a long way to make things fresh and clean.  However, when I did our bedroom I ran out of paint with about an eighth of the ceiling left and I used a different (ceiling) paint to finish the job.
It was a bad idea.  Not only was a whole corner a different shade of white but so were the touch up spots around the room.  So the next time I was at the paint store I bought the original because the spots were making me crazy.  The thing about different shades on the ceiling is that they are hard to see up close and finding them up close requires natural light, in our house that is during the morning when I am usually at work.  Fast forward months to Good Friday, I was about to put the BM ceiling paint away after another job and decided today is the day and got out the step stool and fixed the ceiling.
And now I do not lay down in bed and think ugh the stupid ceiling paint.  I have crossed this little task off the bedroom to-do list.  It was brighter in the room when I finished painting, I can't believe how different the wall color reads, maybe a little to much fun with photoshop on my end.  Before is to dark and the after is to green! You can see the color better in this post . . . I guess, it is Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore.
Really mom? I need to move? 
Kenny was my "helper" and kept refusing to move out of the one corner I needed to get into.  The one rule for him when I'm painting: Don't eat the paint.  (My last dog did that once, she was fine but I was lucky.)

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