Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What's For Dinner

This week is kitchen focus week, on my HomeRoutine app.  I try to check one thing off the list in the morning and one thing in the afternoon.  Last night I decided it was time to tackle the freezer.  As I mentioned last week, one of my post-Lent goals is to eat down our what is in our freezer to make room for CSA produce.
This is what I had to work with, we've also had a few incidents recently involving rogue berries and small vegetables.   It was time to take inventory. 
 I took everything out and put it in a cooler.  Then I put it all back in, veggies went in top right, fruit to top left and everything else in the big bottom space. As it went back in I wrote the inventory.
Then I categorized the inventory and re-wrote it.
Then I went back and re-arranged the bottom bin.  Meals on the right, meat on the left, randoms in the middle.  
Tip: Put something flat on the bottom, I used a box of cream cheese brownies and a package of bacon, it prevents things from falling through the bottom!
So now I know exactly what is in the freezer and I can wipe items off as I use them, also I'm hoping it will prevent things like three bags of open blueberries.  Our mudroom alternative is still working great! 
Last tip of the day: Do Not use your broom to sweep corn and blueberries out of the bottom of the freezer, you will get a freezer full of dog hair.  Just get down there and wipe the corn and blueberries out.

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