Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lent Wrap-Up

     I took my camera with me for Easter but I forgot to take any photos. Not with my camera or my phone.  No photos of the cute new baby in a bunny hat, or the amazing spread that my aunt put together, or everyone's Easter outfits. Nada.  Let's be real though, everyone and their sister has posted Easter photos and you're over it.
     I can't even tell you what we ate during the last week of Lent. There was a pizza, some black beans and some pasta. I can tell you what we learned: I learned that I can pull together a satisfying vegetarian meal just as quickly as a "meat and potatoes" meal.  That, we can cope with life, without a beer or a glass of wine to help us along.  It was a challenge and a sacrifice and we have prevailed, stronger for it.

Incidental benefits: We were more productive; it is much easier to get things done on Saturday and Sunday morning when you aren't in a haze from the previous night's cocktails.  We got healthy; I lost 11% of my starting weight and got my metabolism moving again, Bruce lost 5%~ish.  Our pants and belts fit (better) Hooray for not needing a new summer wardrobe.  We saved our pennies, on average the grocery bill was 25% lower.

Moving Forward: Our goal is to not slip back into I don't feel like cooking let's just go out.  Also to save the drinking for the weekend.  I still have many meatless recipes that I want to try, so that element of our life will stay.  I want to eat down our freezer stocks before I run out to buy fresh proteins and before our CSA starts in June, which I feel much better prepared for this year.

We took Easter Monday off for traveling, we came home Sunday night snuggled on the couch drank the growler of BBC that had been in the fridge for a month and watched the season premier of Game of Thrones. It was awesome, all of it.

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