Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our Wedding Adventure: What Everyone Else Wore

This post was supposed to go live yesterday, but with everything that was going on at home (in Boston) it didn't feel right.  I still can't put all my feelings about this past week into words and I'm not sure that I want to try.  Now that we have breathed a collective sigh of relief here is some weekend reading.

It all started with a seersucker, one shoulder, knee length dress.  I saw it in one of the many magazines and it made its way into the binder.  I knew the seersucker dresses weren't quite right; but I liked the shape and the idea of a pattern was intriguing.  I pinned a bunch of ideas, the more I looked the more I liked the thought of incorporating our colors by using a patterned dress.  Sometime last fall I was introduced to Karen's work, long story short, there were almost custom-made dresses but it wan't ment to be.  I really, really liked that print.  I was getting desperate by February and I think the ladies were getting a little antsy.  Then one day I got an email from J.Crew about the summer wedding line. There was the dress! I mobilized the troops and two weeks later they had them.
My bridesmaid Laura, also my cousin, also Elizabeth the flower girls mom (Elizabeth is my GodDaughter), found the flower-girl dress at David's Bridal.  I'm pretty sure Laura drove around with the bridesmaid's dress in her car for a week between checking the cardigans and the dress.  The cardi's were from Old Navy.  I asked that they wear silver shoes and said it would be nice if they were strappy.
Laura's work proved very helpful when we went to Men's Warehouse to get the Tux's.  I was pretty set on gray with ties.  We tried both navy blue and clover green vests and ties and ultimately went with the navy.   Then about three weeks before the wedding I decided that Bruce's vest should be white.  I'm happy with that choice.
My mom found these Father of the Bride cufflinks, from Micky Chase Jewelry, on Etsy and I got them for my dad.  Then I ordered a custom pair for Bruce.  It is just one of the little things we say to each other.  I also got him a nice watch.
Jess took all these photos, except the cufflinks, that was me, I'm sure Jess would have done a better job.  I think we were a pretty spiffy bunch, I'm actually sad that I didn't get one of the bridesmaids dresses for myself.  I love that dress.

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