Friday, April 5, 2013

Planning It: Organize Yourself

I cannot bring myself to delete my Wedding Ideas pinterest board. I can scroll through it and see how our wedding planning and designing evolved.  Love. LoveLoveLove. Most of my design ideas didn't start by looking at wedding planning websites, they started in dozen or so bridal magazines people gave me when we were first engaged. True story: my mom mailed them to me the day after Bruce proposed. All these ideas from magazines were completely unorganized and floating around my brain, making me feel completely overwhelmed.  One Sunday afternoon I grabbed a binder I had put together for house ideas and got to work.  I went through every wedding magazine with a sharpie and and exacto knife. Everything I liked I made a note on the page, tore that page out and put it in a page protector.  I used the page protectors to reenforce the flimsy magazine pages and so that I could place pages back to back if I only needed to see one side of that page.  Once I started researching these ideas make them into one coherent event I started to employ Pinterest much more.  But as you can see so many of these original thoughts came through to our big day!
 My most significant wedding planning melt-down was about the car, it hadn't been road worthy since I was 16 my dad did all the work himself and it was ready with time to spare!
 Clockwise from top-left.  Summer camp wedding with fleece blankets for the bon-fire check, country cute direction sign check, actual wedding venue and color palates (I liked all four)
Not too styled flowers in milk glass centerpieces.  Pretty close.

All the wedding day photos by Jessica Doherty Photography , flowers by Dedham Flower Shoppe, Tux from Men's Warehouse  and our wedding was at the Bournedale Function Facility

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